AMD Commercial Vehicle Installs specialise in installing the latest electronic vehicle technology in commercial vehicles in Lancashire.

HGV Lorries, Tippers, Grab Hire vehicles, Vans and Blue Light vehicles are all covered by our wide range of services for the commercial market.
Your commercial vehicle can benefit from security alarms, reversing cameras, parking aids, DVRs and much more. Our expert installers at AMD have many years experience of working closely with the commercial market, regularly updating large fleets of commercial vehicles ensuring each vehicle is equipped with the necessary accessories to make the driving experience enjoyable and as safe as possible.

AMD Vehicle Installs are FITAS registered. This means we are qualified to carry out installations in blue light vehicles such as Ambulances and Fire Engines. FITAS is the ‘Digital Tick’ qualification to install replacement/upgrade digital radio receivers in road vehicles.

Why it’s important to use an experienced commercial vehicle installer for your upgrades and installations?
Commercial vehicles are often used on a daily basis and cover a huge amount of mileage each year. Such a heavy work load means it’s important for the vehicle to operate exactly as it should to ensure the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. It can also be very helpful to keep your commercial vehicles updated with extras such as DVR systems and parking assists, mainly to help the driver operate the vehicle as easily as possible, avoiding collisions and obstructions.

Failure to install these accessories correctly could potentially have disastrous consequences and in some cases even lead to fatalities. For example, if your HGV reversing alarms are not operating effectively, cyclists and pedestrians may not be aware the vehicle is reversing. Also, if you are attempting to turn left and your turning alarm fails, this too can have catastrophic consequences. Too many deaths each year involve commercial vehicles and the importance of having your electronic accessories installed by professionals has never been greater.

Our commercial vehicle installations include:
• DVR systems
• Beacons
• Turning Alarms
• Parking Sensors
• Parking Aids
• Reversing Cameras
• Lightbars
• Radio installations
• Digital Radio Receivers
• And much more…